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Welcome to the Marine Institute API portal. The objective of this site is to make Marine Institute data eminently accessible to application developers.

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For many years, much data from the Marine Institute has been available in ERDDAP, and more is coming soon.

The new Marine Institute Data API now lets developers access all that data using the popular graphql query language. This means it's now even easier to fetch and use Marine Institute data in ways never before imagined.

Already know graphql? Try it out right away using the DEMO_KEY Try Graphql.

Or keep reading below about how to review the examples and register for your own api_key.


Watch this space.

Click on one of the listed examples.

To apply for an api_key, send us an email. After we send you the api_key you can include data from the Marine Institute API into your website or data processing application.

Send your email with the subject "data api key" to:

Don't forget to tell us how you intend to use the api. Thanks


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Create an example in JS Bin, then fill in the template and send it back to us an email or a pull request.